An inclusive society starts with an inclusive workplace. But what does inclusive actually mean? In our opinion, it is craftsmanship in dealing with differences: a place where everyone feels at home. Where talent is utilized, no matter where you come from. And people are equal and treated equally.

We ourselves experience the added value of inclusion and diversity on a daily basis. Half of our team consists of newbies. Every day we learn from each other's talents, skills and expertise.

Experiences of companies
that preceded you

"Many newcomers have different habits and ideas, and that creates atmosphere and liveliness (...) It enriches us, especially when we are open to them ourselves.


Judith de Meijer,
Coordinator Volunteering at Cordaan

“His enthusiasm is his greatest strength. Not only is it that he likes to talk to people, but he is also genuinely interested in the artworks. We are glad he is here! ”



Colleagues about Hamad,
Amsterdam Light Festival



"Most people here enjoy the connections and interactions. And they enjoy doing this kind of work. (...) The best experiences with integration are when people meet in what they have in common."


Jelle, Gardens of Connection



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