Do you want to get to know the Dutch labor market? And use your experience in a Dutch working environment? Yes! NewBees is happy to help you find a traineeship. Regardless of where you come from, where you want to go, your Dutch language skills. And whether or not you have work experience.
The Traineeship in brief:
  • We focus on your talents and ambitions.

  • You'll gain work experience and get to know the Dutch culture and labor market.

  • You'll build a local network.

  • You'll practice with the Dutch language.

  • You'll receive personal guidance from our matchers.

  • Half of our team consists of fellow newcomers. We understand your situation and background.

  • During your traineeship, you follow workshops.

  • All newcomers are welcome at NewBees. Regardless of status, previous work experience, education or language skills.

During the traineeship, you learn a lot about the Dutch culture. You'll also build a local network. This means that you get to know a lot of people. During the traineeship you also practice the Dutch language. "Jargon", for example. These are words that are often used in your work, also called "professional language". Our team consists of local toppers and fellow-newcomers.


When you apply for a NewBees Traineeship, our team will contact you. From then on, a matcher is your contact person. Together we look at your talents and experience. Your matcher will then search for the right traineeship via our online platform. A workplace that matches your wishes and talent. During your traineeship you follow our workshops. And your matcher is always there for you. For all your questions!

Newbies who followed a traineeship

Seven newbies keep the history of Zaandam alive in the Zaanstad Municipal Archive.

Ali is a licensed medical practitioner from Iraq and works as an assistant care worker at the Zaans Medical Center.

Sarab restored works of art in Syria and now welcomes visitors to the Musiom in Amersfoort.

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