In addition to our NewBees Traineeship, Wees Welcome Workshops and the pilots of learningroutes for municipalities, we are working on various projects. All to pursue an inclusive society.
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Prosocial is part of the Social Service and prepares young newcomers, young refugees, for a place in our society. We match them with a traineeship at a local social organization, where talent and equality are central.


Our matchers link the young newcomers (pros) to a space (a volunteer place at a social partner) and guide them in an intensive process, both individually and in groups. After the traineeship, Prosocial provides follow-up in the form of a nice certificate and guidance to the next step.

How I got talent for life

2020 was all about the theater performance Talent for life. Together with our partner WAT WE DOEN, theater, music and dance came together in a grand performance, played by a cast of actors, musicians, and dozens of newcomers. Viewers were taken into the sometimes bizarre lives of the people who live and work in the AZC, and who sometimes become hopelessly entangled in the system.


Unfortunately, the adventure ended earlier than planned due to the outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19). Nevertheless, we look back on an impressive adventure that neither of us will soon forget.

van Erasmus+ Key Action

NewBees participates in project REWIP: 'Refugee Empowerment and Work Integration Program', an Erasmus + "Strategic Partnership for Youth" project. REWIP focuses on the integration of young refugees and increasing their employability.


REWIP also brings together youth organizations to develop and share effective methods to achieve this common goal together.


Together with partners from Greece and Italy, NewBees advises on creating a successful integration tool through volunteering for young refugees in Greece and Italy.

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