The NewBees TEAM

Our people make NewBees a success. Our matchmakers are the link between newcomers and local organizations.

They always operate in equal pairs: a talented newcomer and a local topper. This way we combine the best of both worlds and link knowledge and networks to each other. We make matches that matter, improving the well-being of newcomers.

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Osama Fanous

Matcher Amsterdam

Osama finds working with NewBees a great opportunity to spread benefits to talented people. People who only need the right step to move on to what they love to do.

Valerie van Lanschot 

Coordinator Amsterdam &

Business Development

Valerie is energetic, positive and loves to connect people. She believes that a focus on talent can benefit both newcomers and Dutch society in general.

Semhar Hagos

Matcher Amsterdam

Semhar believes that everyone deserves a chance. She is passionate and sees the best in people. She hopes to build up relevant working experience.

Sacha Bouma

Matcher Amsterdam

Sacha is enthusiastic and eager to learn. She likes to focus on future possibilities for a person, in order to help them reach their full potential


Shatha Tamin

Matcher Zaanstad

Shatha believes newcomers can benefit from getting involved in their community. She sees NewBees as a bridge-builder, that connects people.

Gert Schouten

Matcher Zaanstad

Gert is a well-known 'Zaankanter' who has decided he wants to dedicate his network to matches that matter in his hometown of Zaandam.

Lara Antaki

Matcher Zaanstad

Lara believes everybody has something to offer, despite age, study, or past. Everybody deserves a new start, and we can help you with that.

Hulya Karakol

Matcher Zaanstad

Hulya believes we offer a valuable connection between society and newcomers. We help them grow confidence by focussing on their talents and improving their Dutch.

Inge Kaaijk

Coordinator Zaanstad

Born and raised in Zaanstad, Inge strongly believes in the benefits of connecting local business and newcomers in the region. Her motto: dreams don’t work unless you do.


Margaret Groenewegen

Matcher Amstelveen


Margaret's drive is to empower people in a difficult career phase or labor market position and to guide them to a new job or career direction. Her strength is working from genuine curiosity and thinking in solutions. Sensitive, aware, creative, proactive, communicative and result-oriented.

Nahom Desale

Matcher Amstelveen


Nahom is happy to work at NewBees to help newcomers build their future in the Netherlands.




Sheelan Habash

Matcher Amersfoort

What Sheelan loves the most about NewBees is the focus on talent. At NewBees she has the opportunity to further develop herself and she likes to help others do the same.

Linda Rook

Coordinator Amersfoort and Utrecht

Linda likes to think in opportunities. To connect people to the right place can make a big difference, and it's a win-win for the newcomer and Dutch society.

Ibrahim Ghaleb

Matcher Amersfoort

Ibrahim believes helping others will help him grow as well. Working with New Bees makes him happy because he can help others with starting their career in the Netherlands.

Ali Abas

Matcher Utrecht

Ali believes that everyone can offer something in this country as a newcomer. By helping newcomers to find a job makes him feel happy.

Claudette Paelinck

Matcher Amersfoort


Claudette is completely in her element at NewBees: looking for (work)places where the talents of newcomers can develop. She believes that newcomers are the employees of the future and that they bring something fresh to the Dutch labor market.


Noura Shamo

Matcher Rotterdam


Noura loves creativity and has an optimistic outlook on life. She looks forward to create opportunities for newcomers.

Hale Damra

Matcher Rotterdam


When Hale came to the Netherlands 13 years ago, she did not know where to go to develop herself. That is why she is very happy with her work, as she now helps others to find the right path.

Helen Zehaye

Coordinator Rotterdam

Helen likes to see people working together regardless of their background. She believes that everyone has talent and is passionate about linking this talent to the right employers.

Lisette van Lunen

Matcher Rotterdam


Lisette likes to connect people. She believes it is important that everyone has a chance in our society and sees cultural differences as a great opportunity to enrich our society.

Nagham Farwati

IT Team, Matcher Rotterdam

Born in Raqa, Syria, Nagham would like to help newcomers like herself to find their path in the Netherlands. She believes everyone has talent and should be able to do what they love.

Essam Alsaloum

IT Developer

Essam is a skilled IT professional, and he is excited to use his talent so more newcomers can have the opportunity to find their way in this country.


Hussein Hassan

Matcher Arnhem

Hussein likes to help newcomers get the chance to show their talent and skills, and build a new future in the Netherlands. Bringing people together and making connections in society is what he enjoys most.

Bastiaan Kuijt

Coordinator Arnhem

Bastiaan has much experience with the social sector in Arnhem and knows how important it is to offer tailored help and solutions where necessary.

Seifu Alazar Misghina

Matcher Arnhem

Seifu believes that every person is capable of doing something great for society, regardless of their educational level or social status. This belief gave him the desire to create a better world.


Mohamad Khdeer

Matcher Leeuwarden / Groningen

Mohamad is passionate to use his knowledge and skills for newcomers. Specifically, to offer opportunities in the labor market where they can develop so that they establish a successful career for themselves in the Netherlands.

Geertje Postma

Coordinator Leeuwarden

Geertje has much experience with newcomers, and specifically the large group of Eritrean youngsters who are housed in Leeuwarden.

Kibrom Shimondi

Matcher Leeuwarden

Kibrom is motivated and eager to help people. He believes that everyone has a talent and can make something better if given the opportunity. And it is his dream to make a difference and help another find his way.


Dorien Marres

Operations Manager

Dorien has extensive experience in the field of Human Rights and refugees. She believes that much of human dignity is experienced through work.

Annemiek Dresen

Founder & Director

Annemiek started NewBees because she believes that an inclusive society starts with working together. Social innovation and inclusion are the major drivers.

Rob Schipper

Finance Amsterdam

Rob is happy to be able to support and contribute NewBees through finances. He helps us to understand how we operate by telling the stories behind the numbers. With a holistic approach, he is convinced that connections with people form the basis of success.

Nicky Kreté

(Online) Marketing & Communication

Nicky is our expert on finding and telling authentic stories. She is positive, energetic, and believes there is a great story in every moment, person and relationship that has the power to inspire and motivate others.

Iris Timmermans

(Online) Marketing & Communication


Iris likes to use her knowledge as a communication specialist for missions in which she believes. A society in which equality and talent play a central role is fully in line with this. In recent years Iris has worked for refugees and newcomers through various organizations.

Nadia Schoenzwytt

(Online) Marketing & Communications


Nadia is a marketing communications specialist with experience in the international business world. She is eager to use her acquired skills and expertise now to do work that matters. She is result-oriented, eager to learn, proactive with a hands-on spirit and a good sense of humor.


Peter Mohnen

Online Marketeer

Peter is an online marketeer who wants to contribute to society in a meaningful way, and joined the NewBees mission to do so.

Bodil Stelwagen

Business Wizard


I am committed to an inclusive society, in which everyone participates equally. For this I like to make processes customer-friendly and accessible.

Hanna Zwietering

Supervisory Board

Hanna is an impact investor and joined the Supervisory Board because she believes inclusiveness is fundamental to balanced economies.

Andrew Trythall

Supervisory Board

Andrew believes 'this is the single greatest economic opportunity' of this generation. He is a Supervisory Board member and financial expert.

Mireille Goos

Supervisory Board

Mireille is a Supervisory Board member who joined NewBees because she believes that anybody can outshine themselves when they use their talents.

Moutaz Altaghlibi

Supervisory Board

Moutaz joined Newbees because he believes that helping others find their purpose in their new life is an optimal way to bring everyone in society together.

Marloek Visser

Supervisory Board

Marloek is a changemaker and coach who believes that ‘matches that matter’, will make a difference for newcomers and local entrepreneurs.

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