NewBees matches newcomers to traineeships with local entrepreneurs and organizations, where talent and equality are key. We have developed a unique methodology and online matching platform. We combine smart technology with social contact so that we are always close by. Personal and practical. We bring people together every day, with the dedication and commitment of our diverse network.

On our innovative platform, newcomers, together with our matchmakers, share their experience, knowledge and passion in a personal profile. With this information, we match newcomers to a suitable traineeship: a temporary position with a local organization or company. 

Traineeships are tailor-made programs in which the talents, experiences and ambitions of newcomers are the key focus. Newcomers combine practical experience in the workplace with workshops and individual supervision by our matchers. NewBees works with local teams in various cities in the Netherlands. The team members are strongly rooted in local society. At least half of the matchers have a background as a newcomer themselves, and therefore know what is needed and what we have to take into account. The other half of the matchers are local goal-getters with a large network of potential workplaces closeby. In this way, a suitable place to work can be found for everybody.

The NewBees Traineeship is a journey towards participation and an inclusive society:


Newcomers who want to do a traineeship at NewBees can register via the NewBees online platform. They can also be registered via the network of NewBees matchers, via the municipality or by fellow (social) organizations. NewBees is open to all newcomers, at any stage of the asylum process and regardless of previous work experience, education or language skills.​

Read more about our online platform here:


After registration, a newcomer is invited for an intake with their matcher (personal supervisor). During this interview, extensive knowledge is gathered in which experiences, education, talents, language level, dreams and ambitions of the newcomer are mapped. This gives the matcher a good idea of ​​what kind of work would suit this person.


A profile for the newcomer is created in the online CRM platform of NewBees in which all this information is included. The participant has access to this profile at all times and can also adjust this.


With the information from the intake, the matcher will, in consultation with the newcomer, look for a suitable vacancy within his extensive local network. This usually consists of volunteering, but a paid job is also possible.


After finding a suitable workplace, the newcomer and matcher have a job interview, or introductory interview, with the potential employer. During this conversation, we discuss what the work entails and what is expected from both sides.


Point of attention is the contact with colleagues, the (learning) goals of the newcomer and their possibilities to speak the Dutch language.


If the job interview is successful from both sides (the employer and the newcomer want to work together), we have a 'match'.


A contract is drawn up between the newcomer, NewBees and the organization for the (volunteer) work. It contains the start and end date, specifies who will guide the newcomer in the workplace and the rights and obligations of all parties. Some employers prefer to use their contracts. If these are satisfactory, then they can be used.


Halfway through the traineeship period, the matcher visits the newcomer during work at the workplace. There is a conversation with the matcher, the newcomer and the work supervisor of the organization.

The purpose of this interview is that the newcomer receives the best possible feedback about what is going well, what can be improved, what can still be developed and perhaps also what steps can be taken after the ending of this internship.


The NewBees matcher contacts the newcomer's employer to find out how it went and to what extent it was successful and helpful on both sides. Advice, compliments and acquired competences are included on the certificate of the newcomer and are included in the follow-up advice.


After successful completion of the traineeship, newcomers receive a certificate. This is thoughtfully framed and festively handed out by the matcher at the end of the traineeship.

This certificate lists the competences developed by the newcomer and a reference from the employer. The certificate can also be found in the personal file of the newcomer in the online platform. Newcomers can use this for future applications.


An essential part of the NewBees traineeship is following three intercultural workshops, which is facilitated by the matchers. Newcomers attend these workshops in their city, together with others who are doing the NewBees traineeship.

During these workshops, newcomers receive all kinds of information, learn important skills, gain insights about opportunities and share their experiences and network with each other. Together we search for practical solutions for possible problems and 'best practices' are shared.

The workshops each have a different theme: volunteering, the Dutch labor market, networking, and what is your talent? Besides, time is spent on topics that currently play a role among newcomers.


We refer our members to our partner employers, municipalities or educative institutions.

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