Services for CITIES

In the Integration 2021 law, the role of municipalities will increase, with more and earlier efforts being made on language, participation and relief. Municipalities are currently preparing to implement the new law at local level.


NewBees believes that focusing on people and providing tailor-made solutions is the way to support making the first step. The intake process, the search for a suitable workplace and personal guidance throughout the entire process help the newcomer to build confidence by discovering and developing their own talent.


NewBees believes in a practical approach. Learning by doing, improving Dutch by speaking, and expanding your network by meeting people. Gaining practical experience increases work fitness and creates a better picture of Dutch and local society

( NewBees, 2020, Impact Measurement), as highlighted by Divosa.


NewBees believes that practical experience and language education should go hand in hand. That is why we have collaborated with NL training. This makes the combination of practical experience and language education a dual process. It gives participants the opportunity to develop their language skills to a higher level.


Everything we do within NewBees helps prepare newcomers for a place in our society. Our approach is a unique combination of personal guidance and practical experience, based on customization. Whether you are a young Eritrean lady and eventually want to start working in healthcare, a highly educated Syrian woman with three children who wants to get to work quickly, or a retired man who likes to use his time and energy locally, despite the fact that the Dutch language is a major challenge.




In 2019 and 2020, pilots will be held in various places in the country to experiment with the new law. NewBees is also participating in one of the pilots in Zaanstad to evaluate its traineeships. Read more about this in the impact analysis.


In collaboration with NLtraining, NewBees offers pilots under current legislation with which you can test the dual process that we offer for, for example, the Z route or the B1 route. Feel free to reach out to discuss the possibilities.


When measuring impact, it is very important to collect information from the participants in our program. We do this both qualitatively and quantitatively. We can also organize this in your municipality. Curious about the stories? Read our blog here.