NewBees prepares newcomers, refugees, for a job: at a place in our society. Because we believe in an inclusive society. A society where equality is key. And where everyone gets the chance to use talent, wherever you come from. 

In 2016, after a visit to Lesvos in 2015, we started NewBees. With the aim of preparing newbies for a place in our society through traineeships. We now use our newbie-expertise for:

1. Newbies

Through traineeships by which they orient themselves on the labor market, and workshops

2. Municipalities

On a structural basis, but also with pilots to prepare for the new Civic Integration Law 

3. Companies
With workshops about how to achieve an inclusive workplace and the use of newbies' talents

Although refugee, status holder and fortune seeker are commonly used terms, we prefer newbie. In the English dictionary it is loosely translated "slang for a beginner or newcomer, or someone inexperienced in a profession or activity". We have all have been new somewhere.

We also share our expertise through workshops. Think of our Intercultural workshops for newcomers, where they learn about the Dutch Labor Market. Or the Workshop Be Welcome for companies and organizations, where we provide concrete steps on how to achieve an inclusive workplace.

With our approach, services and workshops we work towards an inclusive Netherlands.

And our approach works. We make a proven impact. For newcomers, municipalities, companies and society as a whole. Both financially and on a welfare level. Read more about it on our Impact page.

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